Video: Gov. Wike’s Horror Speech TO His Opponents In The Upcoming Rivers Election Will Shock You



I just stumbled upon this video online, And I thought to myself if it was right to talk in this kind of way. A Governor for that matter. A Governor threatening death on his opponents in the upcoming Rivers state supplementary election

Wike while speaking during the Campaign made this statement:-

“Amaechi, I say it in the name of God, All this people you think you gave the ***** to Swap, May their Souls rest in peace.”

Unbelievable speach If you ask me, Election no be War!!

How can a sitting governor be telling INEC officials that they will swap dead body. This is a hateful speech. With this kind of talk, the moment PDP loses you can be sure mayhem and murders will begin. You have already told the people not to accept any unfavourable result.

Rather than campaign and tell people the good you want to bring to their lives, you are busy instigating hate and chaos. Wike should be arrested immediately!

Watch the Video below:-


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