5 Shocking Things We Learned From Tiwa Savage’s Interview



After enduring a torrid couple of days, Mavin singer, Tiwa Savage has finally addressed her marital crisis – which reached a crescendo on Thursday, April 28, when her husband, TeeBillz suffered a social media meltdown and purportedly tried to take his own life.

In her first official interview (Watch Here), Tiwa Savage spoke extensively about her marriage, struggles and estranged husband, TeeBillz – real names Tunji Balogun.

Here are 5 shocking things we learned from the interview.

1. TeeBillz steals from Tiwa Savage

“Since I sacked him from my management, he has been struggling financially. He was stealing from me, so I had to save my marriage and separate business from family. TJ wants to keep up with the Joneses, he wants to live a life that is not true.”

2. She paid for the balance of his Mercedes

“He went to buy a car, a Mercedes that he knew that he didn’t have the money for it. The person kept up calling that he wants the balance. I ended up paying the balance of over 3M. When it was time to pay, I put the money in his account, so they don’t know I was the person paying for it.”

3. He leaves tabs in clubs for her to pay

“He also bought a Rolex, and didn’t pay the balance. They threaten to go to the press, and to protect my name, I will have to pay for it. He goes to clubs and leaves the tabs for me, and I have to pay for him. He is putting us in debt.”

4. EFCC is investigating TeeBillz

“What set off all off this was that he went to borrow 45 million Naira from someone and he lost it. I just found out that EFCC was investigating a case against him, and my brother called me from London and confirmed it that TJ is in deep trouble, and that some people might hurt him, that I should be careful. In my frantic mode to try and suppress this situation I went to one of my big bros who can help.”

5. TeeBillz fails to provide even when he has money

“A week ago I told TJ that we were running out of Jamil’s food, but he didn’t do nothing. He complains, but cuts his hair twice a week. I have been searching for N45M so that they don’t kill him, so that they EFCC does not carry him.”


  1. sister tiwa I really feel for you dis shouldn’t have happened to u, u don’t deserved dis pls keep strong luv u more

  2. Apart from being a celebrity, u are also a strong woman, a role model a good mother and a good wife”””” I feel for u,,,, be strong not for ur husband, not for your fans but for your baby!!!! Wish u luck

  3. Tiwa,honestly the fault is yours and that’s because you jumped in to marriage,for the fact that you’re a celeb.fake people with fake life will definitely be around you for one reason or the other, that u should have known, anyway just don’t allow what happened to pull u down, make a mends and move on but if you’re still in love with him then find a way to settle with him. But i just want you to know that you need a man who appreciates you regardless of what ever past you’ve got, I LOVE YOU


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