You’re All Wicked, Ubani Tells Buhari’s Critics



A former President of Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja Lagos branch, Barrister Monday Ubani has said that “wickedness” is when one asks President Muhammadu Buhari to fix 16 years economic woes of the country within 8 months.

In a telephone interview with, Ubani firmly lashed out at Buhari’s critics, affirming that, “People forget easily. As if it is the Government that stole all the Dollars forgetting that it is the Government that was in charge that dealt deadly on our foreign reserves. Foreign reserve that Obasanjo left at fifty something billion dollars came as low as 29. And virtually everything we use in this country are imported. As if it is the man (Buhari’s) mismanagement that is causing all that.

“You cannot expect such immediate recovery of an economy that was ripped by the previous administration. Wickedness is when you ask Buhari to fix our 16 years economic woes within 8 months”.

Explaining the extent at which Buhari detests corruption in the country, Ubani said: “Even the Goat in Aso Rock doesn’t get a Cup of Tea. I have been to Aso Rock two times now and I didn’t even drink a cup of Tea there”.

On the President’s frequent foreign trips, the Legal Practitioner suggested that Buhari could send his ministers in order not to get distracted on other National issues.

“I think the President should reduce the number of his foreign trips. He may be distracted. I will advise a reduction in the foreign trips, he can send his Ministers to go and represent him. The economic problems are so much that he needs to seat down and solve the problem” Ubani said.


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