Wow! See The “Broke & Honest” Retired Teacher Who Returned Salary Mistakenly Paid Into His Account (Photo)



It is praises galore for a retired primary school teacher who returned money that was mistakenly paid into his account even though he needed the money so badly.

Read his inspiring story.

Good deeds will always be rewarded if not by man, then by God. An honest school teacher has set a good example for many others to follow after he dutifully returned money that does not belong to him paid into his account even though he needed that money.

Many are surprised as some believe if such money had entered in some other people’s hands they won’t think twice before spending it. Good one honest teacher!


See the Receipt he used in paying back the money into the Government’s account below:-


Good man!!! 🙂

I doubt anybody in Lagos can do this, Over sharpness dey worry them for here.


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