Wonderful God!! Toddler Kidnapped 7 Months Ago Has Been Found



A little girl abducted 7 months ago has been rescued and her abductor arrested by the police.

A toddler reportedly abducted seven months ago in Badiko, Kaduna state, has been found and the culprit arrested.

According to the reports, the parents of the little girl identified as Sultana, as well as family members have been searching for her since she was taken.


Fortunately, the little girl was found in the nick of time after her abducted had made an international passport for her with plans to take her out of the country.

Facebook user, Jabir Surajo Inuwa, shared the available photos, writing:-

”Remember Sultana? The girl that got missing in Badiko, Kaduna about seven months ago? God heard and answered the parents’ prayers. “Yesterday, a man was c@ught trying to take her out of the country.

The man had already done an international passport for the girl etc. What are we turning into for God’s sake?”

The suspect who is currently in police custody is being interrogated by the police for a better of understanding of all that has happened in the last seven months.


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