Why Our 2019 Presidential Candidate Must Be A Northerner – PDP



The Board of Trustee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said that the party’s flag bearer in the forthcoming 2019 Presidential election must emerge from the Northern part of the country.

According to the acting BoT chairman, Sen. Jibril Walid this will be done in order to compensate for alleged violation of the zoning arrangement in the 2011 election, which he said contributed to the party’s woes in the last 2015 general elections.

Walid warned that anyone trying to reverse this decision would “ever remain an enemy to the North, a mercenary and killer of the PDP”.

He said, “To change this decision now is a further invitation to impunity, a lack of party democracy, non-adherence to the party’s zoning principles, influence of ‘god-fatherism’, a lack of respect for the decision of constituted party organs, self-imposition and killing the PDP.”

“The BoT shall resist any move by anybody to destroy the good foundation set by our founding fathers and mothers and shall remain the conscience of the party.”


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