Unbelievable! What a Father Asked the Killer of His Daughters to Do Will Shock You (Photo)



A man has asked the killer of his two daughters to do something which has got people quite stunned.

Raymond Mathebula, a 66-year-old man whose two daughters were killed by a man has made startling demands.

Raymond has asked the killer of his daughters to pay their bride price.

“I want this man to pay lobola (bride price) for my two girls who he killed, and then he will have to bury them.

“After that, the court can do as they please with him.”

According to Daily Sun SA, the victims, five-month pregnant Loveness Mathebula (18) and her sister Nandipha (21) were asleep at their house in Belfast, outside Mkhuhlu in Mpumalanga on Thursday morning when the man (34), forced his way into the house.

The siblings’ younger brother, Benefit (13), was the first to hear a commotion in the girls’ room and went to investigate.

He found the man trying to drag Loveness away with him.

Raymond said his son fled when the man pulled out a gun.

“Brave Nandipha jumped on the man and that was when he opened fire on both women, killing them instantly and running away.

“After my daughter had dumped this man, he would not let go,” Raymond told Daily Sun.

“I want him to pay R24 000 lobola for my girls and I want him to pay for their funerals. After that, the court must take him and send him to jail for life.”

Captain Phillip Fakude said the man was later handed over to the police by his pastor.

“It turned out the firearm used in the murders belonged to his father, who was also arrested on a charge of negligent handling of a firearm,” said Fakude.


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