Touch Not My Anointed!! Pastor Caught Rap*ng Married Woman During Special Deliverance



A so called man of God identified as Pastor Attah, has been busted as he was forcefully having carnal knowledge of a female church member he was conducting a special deliverance for in his church.

The sordid act, according to a witness who sent in the report, happened in a town in Oron Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

Pastor Attah reportedly relocated from Cameroon, where he had spent many years to establish the church called The Salvation Light of the World Ministries, and has been performing signs and wonders, drawing members from far and near but no one knew he was hiding behind the church to perpetrate evil.

“When pastor Attah came back home and claimed to be a man of God, many did not take him serious because those who knew him as a young man, knew he was very stubborn with some criminal tendencies.

In fact, he left the community when he was c@ught stealing. So when he came back proclaiming to be a pastor, many did not believe him at first but with time, people started going to his church because he was performing miracles.

But everyone was shocked when some people paraded him almost Uncl*d in the village claiming that he was c@ught raping a married woman late at night.”

“From what we gathered, he had given the woman a special delivery assignment which she was to carry out with dry fasting.

After the seventh day, as the woman was sleeping in the church, Pastor Attah who was supposed to be praying with her, sneaked to the weak woman, and told her the holy spirit told him to have s*x with her to complete her deliverance.

The shocked woman allegedly refused and he tore her clothes and forcefully rap*d her while she tried in vain to fight him off. She managed to scream and some neighbours who heard her rushed to the church to see Pastor Attah on top of her.

The people raised an alarm and other people went to the scene where the woman was rescued.

The rap*st pastor was given the beating of his life and taken to the chief’s palace where he was kept till day break with people trooping to catch a sight of him.

At the moment, the church has been deserted while he has absconded from the village out of shame.”


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