Terrible! 2 Robbers Stripped N*ked And Brutally Beaten After A Failed Operation (Graphic Photos)



The 30th of September, 2016 will be a ‘dark day’ in the lives of these alleged armed robbers who were apprehended after a failed operation in Abia State.

A social media user based in Abia State reported the barbaric treatment given to the nabbed culprits on the street with gory pictures of their bloodied faces released.

In the words of the news poster:

“This afternoon, 4 robbers came to Oriaku street Aba, Abia state. They came to where some women were plaiting hair and stole their phones and money, shot a guy and ran away.

“Two were later c@ught at Umuocham Road and they were brought back to Oriaku street where the stole and shot a man, while the others fled.”

“Everyone in the street came out to see the faces of the robbers. They were severely beaten and str*ped Un.cl*d. The mob was about burning them when police came and whisked them away”

See more photos:



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