Students Of OAU Write Touching Tribute To Lecturer..



When people like BORA die, you are forced to ask yourself if life really deserves all our struggles, hard work, sacrifice, good deeds and all the impact we made even when it was not convenient.
BORA was a great man whose impact transcends his religion. He shared his inspiring story with us severally, how he struggled as an undergraduate from a poor home but graduated with an excellent result. He shared his many dreams but never mentioned going so soon. He left a great legacy, he impacted so many lives.

He was Jovial to a fault, humble, passionate and loved by everyone, he was the most extra friendly, most humorous lecturer in Accounting department. He was  so good to students, very brilliant and hard-working. As an undergraduate, his grades were either ‘B’ or ‘A’ where his A.k.A BORA was coined.

People didn’t miss his classes because aside teaching students to understand, you will never get enough of his jokes, and he was just a man you would love to emulate. As a lecturer, many wondered if he was still a student with the way he interacted with his students. His course was usually a CGPA booster.

His project students were usually the luckiest. Even when students inevitable got him angry, he forgave and forgot and was seen smiling in no time. He so much believed in the ability of his students to succeed. He was a perfect definition of a GOOD LECTURER.

He couldn’t stop talking about Chelsea, an Ardent fan.

Your death is a great loss to OAU, and most importantly, Management and Accounting department.
In all, you have finally left this stressful world and we pray GOD forgive you all your sins and grants you eternal rest.

We also pray that GOD gives your family especially your wife the strength to bear the loss and raise your kids(his kids are still small).

We love you but GOD loves you more. ADIEU MR AKANDE A.k.a BORA a lecturer of OBAFEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY, ILE-IFE/ Department of Management and Accounting.




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