Shocking Video Reveals Moments Before Petrol Tanker Exploded On Otedola Bridge, Killing People

A shocking video has shown the dramatic final moments before a tanker exploded on Otedola bridge in Lagos, killing many people.

Moments before the tanker crashed
A video from the dashboard cam of a car has revealed what happened moments before a tanker crashed and exploded along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway, killing people.
It will be recalled that the explosion killed as many as nine people and left 54 cars burnt.
In this new video which is making the rounds on social media, the affected tanker is seen rolling backwards on its own, apparently because a faulty brakes. Some persons are also seen frantically trying to stop the tanker without success.
Commuters, upon sighting the tanker rolling backwards, panicked and struggled to move past it before any thing happens.
The driver of the car which captured the moment can be heard in the background, panicking and trying to move away fast, shortly before the accident happened.
Watch the video below:



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