Shocking!! See All The Items A Female Final Year Student Stole In Moremi Hall, OAU (Photos)



I initially didn’t want to believe this so I called someone i know in OAU and she confirmed it.

According to our source, the thief was supposed to be subjected to ‘maximum shishsi’ but maybe because it is a girl involved she escaped the humiliation.

Maximum shishi in Obafemi Awolowo University is when a thief is c@ught, beaten and paraded round the hostels. Boys are stripped to their boxers while girls are paraded with their loot. The girl involved was however fortunate to escape the public shaming because someone had pity on her.

Another student who is a victim of the girl’s thievery confirmed the incident, and posted pictures of more items stolen by this ‘legendary’ female thief.

See more mind troubling pictures of what just ONE girl stole (She be Expert thief):-

See what some Nigerians are saying on Twitter:-


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