Shocking! Father And Son Hacked To Death With Their Private Parts Hanged On Tree



A man and his son have been killed by unknown persons with their genitals hanged on the tree.

The man and his son aged 45 and 7 respectively were on Monday, October 8, found dead in Burat, Isiolo County of Kenya.

Isiolo County Police Commander Charles Ontita who confirmed the incident said the man’s severed head was placed next to his lifeless body which had deep cut wounds while his private parts were hanged on a nearby tree which stands next to the deceased’s homestead.

According to eDaily, Mr Ontita said the boy’s head was also severed and his body had deep cut wounds, seemingly inflicted by a machete.

Investigation into the gruesome murder has been launched. The incident left family members in deep shock.

The bodies of the two were taken to Isiolo District Hospital for preservation.


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