Shocking! 19-Year-Old Boy Allegedly Impregnates Goat (Photo)



Strange things will never seize to happen as a 19-year-old boy identified as Yasaa Iba, was accused of impregnating a goat in Atebubu, Brong Ahafo region, Ghana.

Yasaa Iba was accused of impregnating a goat which belongs to Kwabena Nindoo and has been detained by the chief and his elders for questioning. According to Yen, they disclosed that some residents had earlier c@ught the young boy having s*x with the goat.

The owner of the goat further revealed that, Yasaa tortured the goat for a while and kept it in a safe place so other goats could not go near it then he discovered that the animal was pregnant.

However, Yasaa is still undergoing investigations by the chief and his elders and would know what kind of punishment would be given to him if he is found guilty.

Wonders shall never end…. Shey human being don finish ni?


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