Shame!! UNILAG Student Shares Nasty, Eyesore Photos Of Their Toilets & Bathrooms



See where UNILAG students take their bath everyday and still have 5.0 CGPA. I hope you are not eating? Because you might just throw up (Vomits).

The students last Thursday shunned lectures and other academic activities to protest the epileptic power and water supply to their hostels, only for the school to be shut down indefintely.

One of the students took to Instagram to share these photos that show the level of filth and rot they deal with at the university on a daily basis.

His captions for the photos read:-

”Reason for our #Protest… Toilets has been like this since lastweek… Exam starts soon. We can’t take it anymore! We will die if we continue, 2 students died this year already. One drink Sniper! Second died of Cancer!

#PeacefulProtest and we were sent on a quit notice to go home because we cried for help. Y? We tried with packaging but we were taken for granted.

See more photos below:-


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