See How Unmarried Muslim Couple Were Publicly Flogged For Spending Time Together (Photo)



A Muslim couple who are yet unmarried have been subjected to a severe form of humiliation after they were c@ught spending time together, alone by themselves.

Eighteen people were publicly caned Tuesday for breaking Islamic law in Indonesia’s Aceh province, including a young unmarried couple who were c@ught spending time alone together.

The Express Tribune reports that a hooded man meted out lashings with a rattan cane on a stage next to the mosque in Banda Aceh, the capital of the western province, in front of a large, cheering crowd.

A 19-year-old woman and a 21-year-old man were caned eight times each after they were found spending time alone together, which is against the law for unmarried Muslim couples in the province.

Public caning happens on a regular basis in Aceh, the only province in the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country to implement Islamic Sharia law, but is less common for women.

Six young men were also caned 40 times each after they were c@ught drinking alcohol, which violates Islamic law, at a birthday party in a hotel room in December.

Authorities did not disclose the offences committed by the rest of the group, who were all men.

Aceh began implementing sharia law after being granted special autonomy in 2001, an effort by the central government in Jakarta to quell a long-running separatist insurgency.



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