School Girl Without Arms & Legs Wins UK Trampoline Contest With Incredible Acrobatic Display (Photos)



A schoolgirl who lost all four limbs to meningitis is jumping for joy after being crowned a national trampolining champion! Quadruple amputee Izzy Weall, 12, stunned judges with a faultless performance using her prosthetic legs.

Her astonishing win came just six years after losing both her arms and legs to the deadly disease.

Izzy collapsed hours after going to school as normal and later suffered a heart attack and multiple organ failure. Her parents Oliver Weall and Catherine Lloyd, 42, were warned their daughter had just hours to live.

She bravely fought back from the brink but surgeons were forced to amputate her four limbs to save her life.

Izzy spent eight weeks in hospital and another eight months in a wheelchair before being fitted with prosthetic limbs in 2011. And five years after learning to walk again, Izzy stunned her family by winning a national trampolining competition.





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