Real Story of Nigerian Woman Who Allegedly Used ‘Juju’ to Kill Her Husband in US for Cheat!ng on Her (Photo)

A Nigerian woman accused of involving herself in juju has finally opened up on how she killed her husband after he allegedly cheated on her.
Temitope Adebamiro allegedly killed her husband for Cheat!ng
A 36-year-old Nigerian woman accused of using black magic ‘juju’ to kill her husband has confessed she stabbed him to death. The woman identified as Temitope Adebamiro pleaded guilty to killing her husband, who she claimed was an abusive cheater, one month before she was set to stand trial for his stabbing death.
According to DelawareOnline, Temitope Adebamiro entered the plea to manslaughter and a weapons offense in Superior Court in Wilmington on Sept. 16. She was able to plead to the lesser murder offense under a section of the code for extreme emotional distress, her attorney Kathryn van Amerongen said.
She now faces 4 to 50 years in prison at a sentencing in December.
According to the police, Temitope allegedly stabbed her husband, Adeyinka Adebamiro, 37, in the couple’s home in the 1300 block of Healy Court in April 2015.
Police learned the two had been married for more than 10 years and had two children. Temitope told investigators her husband was physically abusive to her, even while she was pregnant, and had been Cheat!ng on her with various women, including her own sister and the nanny’s daughter, court documents said.
However, Temitope’s sister in an Interview with Sahara Reporters had claimed Temitope was the one Cheat!ng on the husband and was deeply involved in black magic.
On the night of the killing, Temitope told investigators her husband had sent her to Nigeria for several months, court records said. After returning in December, she had to stay in a hotel near the Philadelphia airport for four days because her husband refused to let her into their Red Lion home.
He then paid for her to fly back to Nigeria for a few more months, according to documents. About this time, she learned that her husband had spent Christmas with the nanny’s daughter.
The husband later flew out to Nigeria and flew back with her to Philadelphia. As he showed her the cameras inside their home over his cellphone, Temitope saw the nanny’s daughter inside the home, documents claim.
At one point, Temitope saw several texts and images on her husband’s phone, which she took pictures of using her cellphone. Some of the pictures included images of her sister and the nanny’s daughter.
Around 9 p.m. on the night of the killing, the couple had been talking and watching television on the couch about 9 p.m when her husband discovered the photos she’d taken on her cellphone, according to court documents.
As he yelled at her, Temitope told police there was a power outage, the court documents said. Investigators checked with Delmarva Power, which indicated there was no power outage at the time, police said.
Temitope then told police that when the power returned, she found her husband in the first-floor bedroom lying in the bed. As she got closer to him, she saw a knife on the ground which she picked up and took to the kitchen, according to documents.
As she put it away, she noticed blood on the tip and that’s when she realized he had been stabbed, the court documents said.
Temitope suggested to police that her husband stabbed himself and changed her story several times, according to court documents.
When police told Temitope that his death was not a suicide, the woman “began nodding her head in agreement,” according to court documents. She was charged with first-degree murder and has been held at the Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution ever since.
Police also found during a search of the home a photograph of Temitope’s husband on top of the dresser in the master bedroom. The picture is of the victim holding a baby with an “X” across his face and a cut mark across his neck, according to court documents.


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