Popular OAP Tells Ladies To Have A One Night Stand Before 25 Years Old (See Why)



Media personality, Toke Makinwa has advised Nigerian youths in their 20’s to live free.

Toke Makinwa received the biggest backlash as she advice’s ladies on how to be a pleasure seeker and be brave.

The On-Air Personality in an Instagram video said youths ‘should pierce your body, have tattoos, have one-night-stands and kiss strangers’ etc.

In Toke’s recent Vlog, she spoke about things young ladies should do before clocking 25 years old, saying they should kiss strangers and engage in a one night stand game.

She said, as a lady in early twenties, you can crash a party, have a night stand, or kiss a stranger.

Speaking more, she disclosed she also kissed a stranger when she was within that age.

Her suggestion of course, has caused a serious stir as she’s facing huge backlash as many think this information is inappropriate to the younger generation.


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