Photos: 23Yr Old Guy Allegedly Beaten To Death By Policemen All Because He Did Not Agree To Confess To A Crime He Did Not Commit In Nasarawa




King Abel Umoru was allegedly murdered by Policemen of Abacha RoadNasarawa State.

Sister of the deceased, reached out to us to help make what she tagged as “Injustice” go viral.

All she wants is Justice for her brother who was allegedly beaten to death by some Policemen attached to Abacha road in Nasarawa State.

The sister says Abel went for a friend’s birthday party on the 2nd of October which was on a Sunday.. When around 9 p.m a serious fight broke out at the party..So the manager of the place used for the event called Policemen from Abacha Road..On the arrival of the policemen, Abel decided to leave the place to avoid any issues…but he was arrested by the police folks.

Abel felt the need to know what his offense was, on asking, the policemen descended on him and start beating him thoroughly for no reason. Abel pleaded with the policemen that he wasn’t among those who fought..but his pleas fell on deaf ears.


Apparently, the policemen continued with the beating and asked Abel to just accept and agree that he was among those who fought and destroyed stuffs at the even…He didn’t agree…So they beat him to death.

The next day, Monday, October 3rd of October, they dumped his body in the mortuary.

Below is what she sent to us, unedited.

He went for a friend’s birthday party so as of 9pm, still at the party some people started fighting, so the manager called the police from Abacha road nasarawa state so he decided to live the place on his way living the the police came and arrested him, so he started asking what is his offence they started beating him, he was begging them that he is not among those that fought ooo, but the police kept beating him that he should agree so they beat him to death.

On Sunday 2 of October so the next day which is Monday the police went and dump him in the mortuary.

His friends has so far been paying tribute to him on facebook:






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