Photo:- Is This The 10,000 Jobs APC & Buhari Promised Nigerians? – See Here



Headed out to get fuel today. I left the N87 Fuel station  and I joined the queue where fuel was been sold at N200 per litres, No harm.

While waiting endlessly in the car, I saw over 100 young nigerians selling black market petrol to some impatient drivers and car owners… I was sad!!!

In less 3 hours while hanging on the long queue, The Number of young boys selling the black market fuel skyrocketed to over 300 and I was forced to ask myself if this is the 10,000 Jobs the APC Government promised Nigerians in their Change Agenda?


Please I need someone to answer this Question.

Am sure, When next Nigerians hear the word “Change“, We’ll take our time to ask if its a positive or negative change.

May God help us all.


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