Pay Your Tax Cleric Urges Christians To Contribute To Efforts To Exit The Nation From Recession



According to NAN, a cleric, Rev. Ifeanyi Okonkwo, yesterday urged Christians to pay their tax and other dues to contribute to efforts to exit the nation from the current economic recession.

In a homily at the Anglican Church of Ascension, Enugu, Okonkwo said that Nigerians could get out of recession if citizens would be faithful in paying their taxes and other dues.

The cleric criticised Christians, especially traders that found it difficult to pay their tax voluntarily.

Okonkwo said, “As Christ instructs us to give what belongs to Caesar, to Caesar; and what belongs to God, to God. Christ Himself paid His tax while He was on earth. This is to show that God sanctions every individual to contribute to the common-fund used in building the society and providing social services through paying of taxes and other dues.’’


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