Pastor E.A Adeboye Is A Murderer – Kemi Olunloyo


Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, daughter of former Oyo state Governor Victor Omololu Olunloyo and popularly known for her controversial statements on social media, in a recent interview with Pulse TV said Pastor EA Adeboye is a murderer.


“In 1971, Adeboye thought he was shooting an armed robber, but he shot a cop instead,”she said.

Olunloyo added that Pastor Adeboye criticizes single mothers’ and that is why she keeps going after him on social media.

“Adeboye said if you are a single mother you have no worth; I am a single mother, we have worth, we don’t have to be married,” Olunloyo said.

“You don’t have to be married to have children,” [/i]she added.

She further lamented on how he criticizes women who bleach or whiten their skins and how a woman can be fulfilled without being married.

[i]“I drove a $55,000 Toyota Land Crusier in America, I made a $150,000 annually as a pharmacist, not adding what I made as a journalist.

“I was featured on Vogue in 1995 on a financial article,” she bragged.

“So why would he say I have no worth? That’s the only reason I am going after him.”

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  1. God will forgive u for dis bl*sphemy.Even saying u are going after im becos of a stupid reason make u mre worthless dan u already are.PROUD TO BE A REDEEMED MEMBER

  2. be careful wit wat u post,no wonder it is written in d bible dt wen d world is cuming 2 an end u shall hear false rumor abt d prophet of GOD.

  3. Indeed u r very worthless… I dnt Ave any thing to say to u than to tel u, u need a deliverance.. Am so prove to be a redeemer

  4. she is nt scared of her life u think God is happy wit u Nd u think u can bring down his glory….all ur stories are lies careful.

  5. Why are you bragging?You are confuse and just looking for a way to judtify your action.repent before it’s too late

  6. He might have unknowingly killed the cop, but he’d have restituted.
    He’s right. You’re worthless. Leave the man of God alone or you may be damned

  7. To Kemi, instead of testifying on an astounding miracle, speaking ill of Daddy G.O. is her way to popularity. Poor her! Someone with a drop of water is talking if her wealth compared to someone whose father controls the sea.


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