Panic In Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) Over Frequent Armed Robbery Case



The students of the federal university of agriculture Abeokuta now lives in fear due to the rate of robbery activities going on around the student residential areas namely camp,Isolu and the school gate.

The robbery started towards the end of last month and upto to date about 35 hostel, have been victimised within a span of 20 days .

Valuable items such has Laptops, iPads, Tabs, phones, wristwatches, designer item and lately it has been reported that they go around with condoms to use on girls and the Pos machine.

Students can’t even look good or wear nice clothing items all in the name of fear of been traced back to there hostels and burgled, they carry out there activities at any time of the day in respective of the environment or situation they even go as far has carting away with household utensils, electronics, clothing items last hostel which was burgled over night, they went away with over 25 laptops ranging from mac book to Lenovo and over 35 phones of high brands and other valuable items.

This people are armed with guns, machete, axe and other dangerous weapons, any student who refuses to heed or obey there orders are been machetes or axed at vital parts of there body and in the case of the females they are been violently raped.

They tag themselves with a brand name called “MOPOL“. They are so bold that they go about there operations with uncovered faces.

Please we need urgent intervention of the forces cause this is getting so scary and unbearable.


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