Omg! Woman Survives Three Gunshots by Boyfriend Who Later Shot Himself Dead (Photo)

A man who was trying to kill his ex girlfriend and then kill himself has ended up doing something that was not in his plan at all.
Phinda Mahlangu
A man identified as Phinda Mahlangu, has shocked people with his criminal act recently.
The South African man had allegedly planned to shoot his ex-girlfriend before killing himself.
However, his evil plan failed as only him ended up dead while his former lover, Josephina Nyatlo is recovering in hospital.
Daily Sun SA reports that the horrific attack on Josephina happened last Monday in Moloto, near KwaMhlanga in Mpumalanga, South Africa, after Phinda told her to meet him in the street so he could give her money.
Josephina said she saw the rage in his eyes as soon as they met.
“He said I was taking him for granted and I thought he was a fool. I had no idea what he was talking about. He took R50 out of his wallet but dropped it. Instead of picking it up, he pulled out a gun,” she said.
Josephina said Phinda shot her three times and she fell to the ground. Convinced that she was dead, he turned the gun on himself and blew his B.rains out.
“I got up and discovered I had only been shot in the arm. By the grace of God, the other two bullets missed me,” said Josephina.
She fled to a neighbour’s house and only returned to the scene after the cops had arrived. She said she was shocked to see Phinda’s B.rains splattered all over the place.
“I broke up with him two months ago and he didn’t take it well. How could he do something like this?” asked Josephina.
Sergeant Zimkhona Mahlangu said cops opened an inquest docket and a charge of attempted murder.
“The dockets will be sent to the prosecutor, who will decide what is to be done, as the suspect is dead.”


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