Nigeria Eyes New Guinness World Record



Nigeria is hoping to create a new record for the world’s thickest book.

The thickest book currently published measures 322mm (12.67 in) in width and was unveiled by HarperCollins in London, UK, on 20 May 2009 but Nigeria hopes to break this record with a book that captures the dreams of Nigerians.

The movement is set by rotary four-way test and hopes to have Nigerians sharing stories of their dreams to help accomplish the record.

Nigeria is already popular for setting world records. The country created a new longest dance record in 2006, with a time of 52 hours and 3 minutes, Nigeria also shattered the Guinness Book of World in tooth brushing previously set by India by getting 300,000 students from 600 public secondary schools in Lagos, Southwest Nigeria to brush their teeth simultaneously at different locations. Also, the country holds the Guinness Book of World Records For Having The World’s Largest Football Jersey which measures an amazing record size of 241ft 3inches in width and 294ft 2ininches in length.


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