My wife Is Lying, I Promise To Be An Ambassador Of Anti-Kidnapping For Nigeria If I’m Freed – Kidnapper Evans Begs


Evans claimed his wife lied about not spending part of his money because she only wanted Nigerians to have sympathy for him though, he didn\’t tell her about his kidnapping business as he only told her he is into drugs which she advised him to stop because it was a very dangerous job.

He also added that he is a strong believer of God(And you threaten to kill your kidnapped victims?) that was why he always tell his wife to wake the children up for prayers. He also said that his wife doesn\’t know why he liked Psalm 23, saying this is his best bible passage because of all the sins he has committed and he always asked my children to ask for forgiveness for him and also pray he shouldn\’t die at a young age. He said he believes that God is the only one that can save him from this mess and he doesn\’t believe in Juju (And you have been disappearing for the past 4 years?).

Talking about his money he said he didn\’t enjoy his money because he was always on the run therefore he doesn\’t go to clubs or hotels for the fear of being c@ught by the police and if he is given a second chance, I would be an ambassador of anti-kidnapping in Nigeria.”


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