”My Wife Brings Her Lovers Home Have S*x On My Bed” Husband Tells Court



The petitioner alleged that his wife used to withdraw money with his ATM card and give her boyfriends. He also accused his wife of poisoning his food.

“Since year 2008, I have noticed that my food was being laced with poison, which has resulted to my deteriorating health; I could not sleep nor walk.

“I have spent about N5 million on medical treatment, but I never get well in fact my health is getting worst.

“My mother-in-law is a native doctor, she has a shrine; she has been the one giving her daughter poison to kill me so that they can inherit my property.
“Since I became sick, my wife’s parent never called or came to my house to ask how I was feeling,’’ he said.
Kinsley begged the court to dissolve the marriage on the ground of lack of love. Obianju, 35, a businesswoman, however, denied all the allegations. She said that it was her husband that was promiscuous.
“My husband brings home different girls of different sizes and colours. “I once saw condom in his bag, so I went to buy him a packet of condom and gave him.

“ He queried me on my action and I told him that he needs it, so that he will not contact any disease to infect me. “I have been faithful to our marital vow; I have never had s*x with any other man. My husband married me a v*rgin at the age of 25,’’ she said.

The mother of four said that she never poisoned her husband. “How will I poison the father of my children, what do I stand to gain, my hands are clean, I don’t know how poison got into his body,’’ she said.

Obinaju said that the N100, 000 she withdrew with her husband’s ATM card was for the upkeep of the house.
She made a fervent plea to the court not to dissolve the marriage.

The respondent said that she still loves her husband. The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, after listening to the couple adjourned the case toDec. 6 for judgment.

*Na wah,accusations and counter accusations…why would she poison him slowly when it can be done at once? The mans story is somewhat bogus abeg.
Infact it seem the both of them are lying sef!


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