[Must Read] Why Nigeria Is Yet To Be A Nation



I write as a Bonafide citizen of Nigeria… I write as a Sui-Generis Orator…. I write as a Realist…. I write as homo politicus et homo socialis. I am very glad and grand to know the difference between a Nation and a State without an iota of turmoil or misconception in the course of juxtaposing between the duos.

The purpose of this article is not just to define the duos only but to briefly emphasis and illustrate how our not yet a nation is affecting us in one way or the other.

At this point, one may begin to juxtapose between the duos (Nation Vs State) but what matter most is how it affects us as a state but not yet a nation.

How do we achieve or be at the realm of a nation?
What is a Nation? What is a State? How do we juxtapose the duos? How far has Nigeria gone in building a Nation? … Hmmmm… Curiosity/Eagerness on the rise. Laconically, Nations have a population that shares the same language, traditions and religion. This is not necessarily true of states. States often have diverse populations consisting of various groups, or nations.

One example of a diverse state is Canada. Although the majority of the country is English Speaking, a large minority speaks French and has different cultural traditions than the majority. Belgium, which has a french -speaking population and a population that speaks dutch is another example. It is crystal clear, audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that Nigeria which seems to be a nation in the eye of the Hoi-Polloi does not possess any of the characteristics of a nation.

Having explained the term “Nation”and “State” it is proper and prerogative for one to ask that how does this affect us? Realistically, it is glaring that one of the basic problems of Nigeria is lack of unity which is affecting us radically and virtually because of the following. (1) failure to speak in one voice (2) Lack of univocal language. (3) lack of understanding. (4) absence of unity..

Did I just say unity? Wow! Nigeria adopted federalism not because of anything but to maintain unity in diversity and bring Esprit De corps among the people from different culture. The Implications of not being a Nation are not far fetch. (1) absence of unity. (2) Inability to speak in one voice. (3) External betrayal. (4) Survival of the fittest (5) lack of understanding.

Let me say straightaway that I quiet understand that federalism failed to work due to absence of unity or better said “Lack of enough unity” A country where unity is not very much in place is capable of swimming in the aqua of a lifetime retrogression in one way or the other. There is no doubt that Nigeria is facing leadership tussle not because of anything but because there is no unity, failure to reach a consensus, lack of understanding among one another and perhaps language barrier.

Unless we see each other as one and imbibe the spirit of Esprit De corps Simultaneously rather than embracing the spirit of discrimination then we can begin to talk about true federalism and true nation. We know of Portugal where they speaks Portuguese, we know of Spain where they speaks Spanish among others.

May I ask honorably what language do Nigerians speaks as their univocal language? Someone should not tell me it is English Language because not everybody here in Nigeria understand English language including the pidgin English which serve as a shortcut to English language.

I could remember vividly the saying “united we stand, divided we fall” to be frank and realistic I must bring myself to admit that without unity or unification we cannot know peace here in Nigeria and some lines in Matthew 24 shall come to pass if care is not taken. This may be funny but realistic.

Could he be that we are heading for better days?


Written by Egbeolowo Olaitan


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