Mile 12 Market Comes Back To Life After Yoruba & Hausa Clash (Photos)


Mile 12 NL

Lagosians need not worry themselves regarding where they will buy their foodstuffs in bulk –

The Mile 12 market crisis which occurred a few weeks ago led to the unwarranted loss of lives –

There were accusations and counter-accusations both by the Hausas and Yorubas involved in the crisis –

Hausa tomato and onion sellers moved to an unhygienic location in Ogun state about two weeks ago as a result of the tribal clash The importance of the Hausa traders in Mile 12 market, in Ketu local government area of Lagos state, to the economy of the state is cannot be over-stated.

It was after a meeting with Mile 12 market stakeholders, that Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos, ordered the formal re-opening of the Mile 12 market on Thursday, March 17.

Since the formal re-opening, trading activities are gradually picking up in the market.

The government of Lagos initially did not raise an eyebrow, when sellers of tomatoes, onions, yams and other edible food items moved to Ogun state.

However, the state government considered the citizens of the state, and assured them that, there will not be a clash of the type, which ensued between the Yorubas and the Hausas in the nearest future.

Although, there are speculations the Lagos state government has a plan of moving the market eventually from Ketu LGA to an interior location in Ikorodu LGA.

But fingers are still kept crossed by all and sundry.

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