Man Kneels Down On Lagos Express Road Beg Rich Man In Car For Money (Photo)



As you celebrate this Easter wining an dinning, please remember that there are some human beings who are facing the most humiliating level of poverty and who need your help.

Read according to the eye witness below:-

“Please don’t mind my poor photography. I just have to share this. This is the height of humiliation I have seen. Poverty is not good.

Last night, I was coming from work and saw this man at the traffic around the overhead bridge close to the Lekki Toll gate and adjacent the Oriental Hotel.

I saw this man as he suddenly walked Close to an apparently rich man waiting in his posh car at the traffic light.

He knelled down there in the middle of the busy express road and started begging him for money.

I felt bad as I couldn’t just stop wondering what level of poverty could make a man this able to go on his knees publicly on the road to start begging a fellow man for money.”


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