Man Brings Out His M*****d, Urinates On Nigerian Flag And Burns It (Photos)



A Nigerian man has been condemned after he committed what many believe is an act of treason by urinating and burning the Nigerian flag.

A man has courted controversy after urinating and burning the Nigerian flag before posting it on social media.

Although the identity of the man and the exact place where the incident took place in yet unknown, but the act has been frowned at by many Nigerians who considered the act as a treasonable offence.


However, many have said the act could have been perpetrated by a pissed off Nigerian who may have been subjected to intense hardship and is dissatisfied with the way the country is being managed by politicians.


Some Nigerians who expressed reservations over the action of the man said the act is a let down on the country and the person behind the incident should be arrested and prosecuted.


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