Mad Man Storms Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Demanding To See Ambode (Photos)



A suppose mad man created an unusual scene at the Lagos State secretariat opposite elephant bus stop when he demanded to see the governor of Lagos”No he is mad “some said ,Yes he is a kidnapper” others argued..

Few said he must be one of the criminals that torment innocent citizens once the night falls.

I want to see Ambode ” he demanded..

What for?” one of the security guys asked as he rained koboko on his head.

He was told to unwrap whatever that he has bagged.. Books and other rubbish were inside the bag but nothing incriminating was found..

Some began to sympathise with him.. May be he’s mad afterall? A woman at the scene retorted..

The argument ranges on as the man was whisked away in to the compound of the secretariat..

One man later said.. There a 4 levels of madness.. As far as psychiatry is concerned He then pointed to another man, Who knows.. even you. You may be a mad man.. Me..? You too you are mad.. In fact.. You dey craze.. Hmmmm.. I sighed Lagos and it’s wahala..


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