Little Girl Holds Buhari Firmly, Pleads To Follow Him To Aso Rock From IDP Camp



President Muhammadu Buhari determination to rebuild the Northeast region is not in doubt . The president’s determination may have been fueled by a particular encounter with a little orphan.

The emotional encounter was documented in the president’s recently launched biography A little girl in one of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp in Adamawa state made tears stream down the eyes of Buhari earlier this year when the president visited the IDPs.

According to Professor John Paden, President Buhari was inspecting the IDP camps in Adamawa state when the little girl, who is an orphan, approached him.This was revealed in Paden’s recently launched biography of the president titled: “Muhammadu Buhari: The Challenges of Leadership in Nigeria.’’

In page 226 of the book, Paden wrote: “When President Buhari had inspected some of the camps; tears were seen to stream from his eyes. “On one occasion, a two-year old orphan girl ran up to him and begged, “Take me with you.’’

Paden painted the picture of an average IDP camp when he wrote that, “The Nigerian government and the international community would have to act quickly to prevent mass starvation and a refugee crisis of major proportions.

“The security situation as far from settled. Yet with 3 million IDPs in camps including both government camps and some of the informal zawiyas run by Muslim Sufi organisations – and many more stuck without resources, major assistance was required.’’ A compassionate president, President Buhari has contributed his own quota to the welfare of IDPs.


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