Just in: Uneasy Calm Descend on Aso Rock as President Robert Mugabe Finally Breaks Silence on Buhari’s Rumoured Death

President Robert Mugabe has opened up on the rmoured death of President Muhammadu Buhari.
The Zimbabwean leader chastised Buhari for for going out of the accepted norms by releasing photographs in stead of taking the bull by the horns by speaking to his people.
He asked him to speak to his people to prove he is alive instead of releasing pictures like a model which he is not in order to dispel his death rumours adding that when he was faced with a similar situation in the past he had no option but to come out boldly and speak to his people.
He reacted to the death rumour while speaking to journalists who came to him for information about the Nigerian leader.
He said:“I do not understand the reasons why Buhari is releasing pictures as if he is a model”.
“Instead of talking and assuring your people you are alive and well, you are busily releasing series of pictures like Tyson Beckford, I don’t understand what he is trying to put across “he added
Continuing he said, \’\’if Buhari continues to be silent, then it’s obvious that he has died and someone is deliberately releasing his old photos which to public.\’\’


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