JAMBITE Hangs Himself After Seeing His JAMB Result, He Scored 159 (Graphic Photo)



Am sure a lot of students have checked their UTME result by now, so the news that some people scored less than 100 while some scored more than 300 is no longer a surprise, Some will pass while some will Fail.. Whatever the case, Life goes on!!!

But this is quite unheard of in recent time; “A student who allegedly killed himself over the issue of his UTME. This boy claims to be writing his UTME for the first time and has reportedly scored 159 which gives him no chances of admission, instead of jacking up for next year Jamb UTME Exam, He thought killing himself is the way forward”.

Falling Jamb is not the End of Life, There are more tasking steps ahead.

See his Real photo below (Viewers Discretion is Adviced)


May his Soul rest in Peace.


  1. It’s quite unfortunate.it’s true that education is one of the best legacy one can offer himself.But not to the extent of committing homicide.wat dat Youngman has done to himself is absolutely wrong nd i think he might have done it out of ignorance.so sorry for him.maybe he lacks career councillor around him.people should take the responsibility of educating y

  2. U dnt have to kill ur self,if u dnt make ur jamb dis year……u will surely make it next year.Anyway,may ur soul rest in perfect peace……

  3. this problem are also cause by some parents who are ash to their children so parents if your child fail any exam pls don’t behave rude to he or she but show some encouragement to the child maybe next time he or she will make it…

  4. Life is all about choice, for those that have their head on their Shoulder will always think that their is better tomorrow… We can only wish you for that your soul should Rest in peace but it is unfortunate because that is just for a mere sake…. My advice for you guys is that, see failure as an opportunity to break the Ice again…. Life goes on…

  5. Y are people saying rest in peace.. He took his own life, a life he can’t create. Putting his family in great pains and shortage. So he can’t rest in peace so dat he will know he did wrong just in case der will b second coming he ll b Wise. Idoit…

  6. we are all saying our opinion,do you know what it meant to see your agemate going to school.this is bad dix young man out of faustration has killed himself,do you know maybe he laboured hard to get d money and you are critizing him you dat scored below his mark you know your parent will buy you a jamb form next year,do you know maybe ix parent are late? just because he want to go to school he wil pass through some stages. this issue need to be adressed criticaly d question that should be rolling our mind now is what made him do this? is it until the death rate increased speedly before something need to be done? the house of senate that have change jamb for 3years,reduce the price can also eradicate jamb. it a different thing for someone to pass jamb and yet no admission please this matter should be adressed.

  7. so so bad,y d hell will u kill urself,jamb first snt me 145 n later 185,assuming v killed myself at first will I c d 185,n Dis my fourth time of talkn jamb……….life z just simple,nau u suffer for life cone go suffer for heaven again…ehya …may ur soul rest in peace

  8. so so bad,y d hell will u kill urself,jamb first snt me 145 n later 185,assuming v killed myself at first will I c d 185,n Dis my fourth time of talkn jamb……….life z just simple,nau u suffer for life cone go suffer for heaven again…ehya …may ur soul rest in peace

  9. buh dat does nt mean he shd kill him selve bcs he failed exam nd may his soul nt rest in peace bcs he intensionaly killed him selve


  11. Dat boy is very useless bcos i ave wrote jamb 3tym nd i did nt kill myself.even dos my parent r poor bt i stil pray to God nd d last jamb i wrote last year i got 196 nd rght am in university of abuja.shal may his soul rest in peace.

  12. Its so unfortunate dat he had 2 kill himself cos of Jamb, everyone can not pass at d same time. He should have thought of how 2 move on nd perform better instead of wasting his precious life… A lot of people pass jamb 2 d tune of 280 every year nd yet without admission, I guess dats even more frustrating dan failing jamb, bt didn’t kill themselves cos dey believe in TOMMORROW.. Too bad he died cos he was a coward. Only cowards kill demselves cos of a problem instead of facing it squarely nd coming out with good result… I pray God forgives his sins nd grant him eternal rest… I advice his family members nt to cry 4 him cos no one killed him bt his cowardice nd lack of courage… May God help them 2 live without him…

  13. he shouldn’t have killed himself cos failing jamb isn’t worth killing urself……wow d boy’s lyf is such a waste and d funniest part is dat anoda punishment is waiting for him in hell for homicide d devil is a liar…..chai!!!!

  14. At times we do the wrong thing hoping we’ve actually done the right thing; taking ones life over challenges is not the best; rather facing it squerly to know what one is capable of doing. Your ability depends on your capability.

  15. With his score he might have been admitted to any polytechnic and collages exist for such reasons, university isn’t the only place one life is attach too, so why taking ur precious life…
    Make we no judge ur soul dey hell now 4getin to have given ursef 2nd chance mumu!!!!!!!!

  16. i wish I can resurrect that boy and just give him two slaps before he dies finally. education is just to broaden our frontier of knowledge, y killing urself when any time ur helper meets u, u automatically turn to be a millionaire in life, I hate that guy, all the rest in peace


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