Illegal Trade: Two Women Arrested For Buying And Selling Baby On Facebook


Like our people say, wonders shall never end. Two women in Bolivia have been arrested on human trafficking charges, after one sold her 6-week-old baby for $250 to another woman, who had placed an ad on Facebook saying she wanted to buy a baby.

According to the Associated Press quoting Bolivian officials, the seller was a 32-year-old s*x worker who could not determine the father of the child and wanted to recover the amount of child birth.

The top child-protection official in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, Rosa Valencia said the buyer was an 18-year-old lady who went on to present the baby to a young man who just jilted her, telling him the baby was theirs.
The man, who apparently did not believe her, called police.

AP reported that the police were able to find and present as evidence the Facebook page on which the solicitation was made by the alleged buyer.


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