I Was Drunk When I Rap*d My Step-Sister – Married Man Begs


Police 2

A 36-year-old man, who r*ped his 15-year-old step-sister has confessed that he was drunk when he committed the stupid act.

The suspect, Ime Martin, who was paraded at the Lagos Police Command, Ikeja, by the Commissioner of Police, Fatai Owoseni, spoke boldly to media, saying “I was drunk when I committed the act.”

The teenage girl started living with the family while she was just 5yrs old, but it was learnt that the man has been “having his way” with her since last year. He was said to have done it more than once.

The girl (names withheld) told reporters: “He slept with me twice, first when I was 14 years old last year and the second time was last Sunday, when my aunty and her son traveled.

The first time, I reported to my aunty, when my aunty confronted him, he denied it.

“He said I was careless and probably I had left the door open and an unknown person had come to r*pe me. He sounded so convincing and my aunty believed him.

“The second time which was on Sunday, when he came into the room, he covered my mouth and r*ped me. I struggled with him, but he overpowered me. That night, I ran out of the house.

The young man I ran to was our neighbour and I reported what had happened. He also almost r*ped me. So, I ran and I saw the police patrol van from Lion Building, who rescued me.”

But the man, Ime Martin, is insisting that it was a mistake. He said, “I was drunk that night and did not know what I was doing when I r*ped my step- sister. I r*ped her only once.”


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