I Caught My Wife With A Man She Calls Her Brother Having S*x, Man Cries Out



The nonsense happening today is enough for men to pray well for God to give them their own wife who will be a “wife in deed” and not a lady who will be flirting with men and sleeping with same men anytime her husband doesn’t give her the kind of money she wants.

A good wife will give your peace of mind, create a budget for the family and help you plan the future.

40yrs old Mr Sunday Oladipupo has asked an Orile Agege Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his marriage with his estranged wife, Bukola, over alleged adulterous behaviour by his wife.

Speaking on Thursday, Mr Oladipupo said, “I c@ught my wife red-handed with a man she introduced to me as her brother, they were both n*ked and in the act…

“I want a divorce. She pushed me to beating her as I always feel angry anytime I see her with another man. Before I kill her and myself, it is better we part ways.”

The complainant lives at AIT Road in Alakuko, a suburb of Lago.

Mr Oladipupo said his wife did not respect him and left home at will and returned whenever she liked. He said she left his home since September 2015 with his children, aged four and nine years.

“She was pregnant when she left my house but the most painful part was that her man friend called me on phone and told me to ask my wife about the paternity of our two children,” he said.

The man said he’s tired of the union and he doesn’t want to kill anybody, hence the need for divorce.

As usual, the wife, Bukola, denied the husband’s allegation but she supported the divorce.

“I am not adulterous and I was not pregnant when I left his house in 2015. I left because he beat me anyhow, I did not have peace of mind with him, I am tired of the marriage, I support the dissolution,” she said.

The Court President, Dr Kayode Whenu, warned the couple to maintain the peace and adjourned the matter to May 10, 2016, for possible judgement.


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