How JAMB Jammed Me Out (My Terrible Jamb Experience) – Episode 1



This is an Interesting Story about how a Jambite was Jammed out.

NOTE:- New Episode will be released everyday.


I remembered when I wrote my fourth jamb exam embarassed. The previous day, I was restless.. I kept answering all the series question over and over again.. I was especially worried about how I wan take do maths. like for real, this is my fourth exam mehn.

I woke still feeling uneasy and after the normal house chores, I informed my dad that I was going for the exam.

Haha, is it today.. my father asked surprised as he drank his akamu.. shocked

Yes sir.. angry Ehnn..he replied. showing less concern.

They had lost all hope on me and they are just probably registering me so nobody will call them names and the fact that i was the first child and son. My younger sister, who I was older than her by 6 years, was already in her final year studying yoruba in a renowned college of education and here i was still writing jamb.. Even my o level was the handiwork of my sister.. cry

My first jamb, I spent the registration money on a party smiley .. the 2nd, I slept off on the d day. .  The third, I got 101 but could not secure admission anywhere undecided, and this was my fourth and my last, according to my father, who has been providing the money for the jamb. lipsrsealed

Ok .. bye bye..
I looked on in despair and proceeded to leave.
Come.. he called me back.. take this 200 naira. If its not enough, trek the remaining distance.
Ok sir.. i dared not tell him that the money is not enough..except i want to hear an epistle of all my failure and problems in life . cry

Even when we are watching tv and he asked me to pass the remote, he always had a way to use it to insult me..

Pass me the remote… abi , you will shall be able to pass something.

I wore my kwara united jersey, my neck chain and good luck shams given to by my ex which I have been wearing to all my exams .. (..she gave me on valentine day as a gift and i love it so much that after we broke up , I couldn’t give her back. I then balanced the combo with my pink carrot jeans and killed the swag completely with my blue sandals..

All these wears I wore outside the house in an uncompleted building as na corporate my papa make sure say I rock comot house.

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