‘His Madness Has No Cure’: Senate Asks Amaechi To Resign, Nigerians React



The controversial exclusion of some capital projects from the 2016 budget has been a topic of discussion for some days.

When Nigerians were still talking about the controversial 2016 budget which was finally sent to President Muhammadu Buhari last week, they received another report that the president would not sign the budget into law.

This followed report that provisions for major national projects and programmes were either outrightly removed or funds for such were slashed.

One of such project was the Lagos-Calabar rail line project which has been trailed by controversy.

The National Assembly has insisted that the Lagos-Calabar rail line project was not included in the budget Buhari submitted to them.

The Senate therefore asked Rotimi Amaech, the minister of transport to apologise if he fails to show evidence that the project was included in the budget.

In a statement issued on Monday, April 11, the Senate called on Amaechi to resign forthwith.

Some Nigerians have take to social media to react to the call for Amaechi to resign.

Solomon Nmam Okocha wrote of Facebook:-

“Cursed be that man who wants the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a Niger Delta son, an Ikwerre man, to resign because he is fighting for the inclusion of Lagos-Calabar Railway Project in the budget. Cursed be that man! Your generation shall remain underdeveloped!”

See some Tweets below:-

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