Good Samaritan!!! Mothers Donate Br*ast Milk For Baby Of Murdered Police Officer



Mothers are doing their best to provide for baby Cora following the death of her mother in the line of duty.

Mothers rock! Knowing what breast milk does for every child, mothers have come together to donate over 500 oz. of breast milk to feed baby Cora.

Following the death of the 4-month-old’s mother, a Palm Springs police officer, Lesley Zerebny, who was killed in the line of duty on Saturday, October 8, other mums are going out of their way to provide for little Cora.

Claudine Wong, a KTVU newscaster, shared photos sent to her by a friend showing large coolers packed with the bags of breast milk on Tuesday, October 12.

Sharing the photo on Facebook, she wrote:-

“In this family … no one fights alone.

“It’s amazing what people do when they find out there is a need and find out that they can help.”

Zerebny, 27, and another officer, Jose Gilbert “Gil” Vega were shot after responding to a call about a “family disturbance,” Palm Springs, California police revealed. A suspect was arrested for the crime on Sunday, October 9.

Following a post by one of Zerebny’s family members on social media after her death, asking for prayers, a woman named Ashley asked if donated breast milk would help.

Barely 24 hours later, 500 oz. of breast milk were delivered for baby Cora.

“It’s something only mothers can do for Officer Zerebny,” Wong writes.

According to the reports, all the donated breast milk will be screened and tested before it goes to Cora but is capable of feeding her for over a month.

“But this is not about breast milk or formula, it’s about the human heart and about the desire and the capacity of people to give.“Two officers lost their lives on Saturday … responding to a call. Officer Zerebny and Veteran officer Jose Vega.

Today in Monterey mums also responded to a call for help,” she concludes.

A donation site has also been set up by the Palm Springs Police Officers’ Association for Zerebny and Vega’s families.

May their souls rest in peace.


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