Gobe! Woman Asked To Pay N18,000 For Holding Baby After Childbirth



What is the world turning to now? Some of the laws put in place are so absurd it will make you wonder what the lawmakers were thinking when they came up with them.

A woman has been charged $39.35 which is equivalent to N18,000 for holding her baby after childbirth. Not only is this unbelievable, it is shocking and weird. The last thing anyone will do is to make a woman pay to hold a baby she has carried in her womb for nine months.

The absurdity of this issue is confusing. It would have been a different case if the baby was adopted. This baby in question was brought out of her womb through cesarean section. No mother will want to be denied the joy of holding her baby in her arms for the first time.


The charge was written as ‘skin to skin’ on the bill, $39.35 was written against it. The woman was asked if she would like to have a skin to skin treatment with the baby after the C-section was done. The new mother gladly accepted only for them to see it in the bill they were charged.

The new mother and her baby had some pictures taken while she held her baby. The baby;s father who shared this experience was also there. This couple had a great time being attended to in the hospital but to get charged for something like this is ridiculous.

This supposed billing for ‘skin to skin’ was done recently in a hospital in the United States. A nurse explained that the billing was done because an additional nurse had to enter to see as the baby was being held in order to be sure everything went well with the baby.

What do you think of this? Will you be willing to pay N18,000 to hold your baby after childbirth?


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