Football Team Plus Substitute! After Giving Birth To 13 Kids,Couple Welcomes A Set of Quadruplets….


This is really SERIOUS! Just when they thought they were done giving birth after 13 children,8 males and 5 females,Malam Lawali Ibrahim,45 and his 35-yr-old wife,Malama Shafa’atu were delivered of a set of quadruplets,all girls.


Though a scarce occurrence,the quadruplets have been celebrated all through the town of Illela where they were born.Malama,the mother told how there was confusion at the initial stage of the pregnancy with the monthly menstruation still showing up even when the family doctor told her she was pregnant.

All doubts were cleared about 5-6 months later when the pregnancy started showing and during the ante-natal visits to the hospital,she was told that she was carrying twins.



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