Father Leaves 3 Month Old Daughter In His Car And It Gets Stolen With The Baby In It



A Detroit man took his wife to work early in the morning on Monday and on his way back home at about 1am, he stopped at a convenience store to grab something but left his 3 month old baby, Dakota Grimes’s in the running vehicle, police said.
When he returned, the white Chevrolet Impala was gone, along with the 3-month-old baby inside it.
The baby’s father called the Police but there was a delay in sending out an Amber alert for the missing infant because according to the police who responded to the scene, they only collected few information because Grimes’s father grew frustrated and left.
They said he later turned up at a police station, but there was also a procedural hitch that held up the official alert.

Hours later, another Detroit man Gary Zielinski showed up at the home of Ray Harper, according to the Detroit News. And as Zielinski approached his friend’s house, he nearly tripped over something, , lo and behold, it was baby Dakota in front of his porch. They called the Police and they appeared almost immediately and interviewed the two men to make sure they weren’t the ones who stole the car.

Shortly after the discovery, Harper, who has several children of his own, and Zielinski both received an Amber Alert about the missing child, and saw a news story about Dakota. They contacted authorities, who Zielinski said “came over here like flies.”

Grimes’s father wasn’t considered a suspect in the aftermath of the incident.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told reporters at the news conference that the infant was taken to a local hospital after the incident, and didn’t show any signs of trauma.
Craig said the father left in anger at the initial report after he tried to chastise him for taking his daughter out at that time of the night.

“I will tell you and I explained it just this way to him, I said, ‘I’m angry with you. Why would you be out at 1 a.m. with a child?’”. “Now I understand he did drop the mother off, but it was not just so much being out at 1 a.m., it was the fact that he left the child in the car with it running. That’s a recipe for what? A bad situation.”

According to the Free Press, some complications did stall the police response. Craig said they would investigate what delayed the amber alert.
He said:

“So we’re right now trying to determine why there was a delay because of our own processes,” Craig told reporters. “So we’re trying to get to the bottom of that.”

The stolen car remains missing, according to the police department’s Facebook page.
Source: Washington Post


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