Father In Prison: Yinusa Names Ese Oruru’s Baby From Prison, Calls Her “Fatima”



The young man, Yunusa Yellow who impregnated Ese Oruru after taking her to Kano from Bayelsa is still in prison, struggling to meet his bail conditions.

But he’s now a father by default and has done the needful by releasing a name for his daughter from the Okaka Medium Security Prison in Yenogoa.

Ese gave birth to a girl who took after Yinusa in many respects and he has named her Fatima. Smile!

A source said: “Yinusa has been told about the birth of a baby girl by Ese Oruru.

He was called from Kano and told that he has a daughter after the Internet pictures were confirmed to be true.

He was very elated over the news and he immediately gave her the name Fatima after the daughter of Prophet Mohammed and because of the circumstances surrounding the birth of the girl, which he believes is divine.

The name Fatima is the personification of high virtues and purity.

As I talk to you, I can tell you that he is eagerly waiting to see the daughter.”


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