Ese Oruru: Who Is Sponsoring Yunusa’s 10 Sound Lawyers In Court? Female Rights Activist Wants Answers



We weren’t in court, but if what we heard is true, then I am afraid that this might just be the beginning of more child abduction and impregnating. If someone allegedly committed an offence and some ‘powerful men/women’ go behind to hire best lawyers just to get him out, then of course, more young men will kidnap more girls to marry because they know they will always get out of it.

But like Annkio Briggs, the Rights Activist has said, the Bayelsa State Government should not leave this case to the police alone.

Ese Oruru is theirs, she was abducted, a man tried to change her destiny. A girl in school is now out of school because someone just wants to satisfy his s3xual needs. How sad! A 14-year old with a bright future will become a mother just in a matter of months. What will becoming a mother at 14 add to her life, if not pain and regrets.  Yet, the accused is in court with the best of lawyers? Best of lawyers??????? My goodness!  If Yunusa wins this case, it’s safe to say Nigerian girls are not safe, it’s safe to say the government has failed them, especially their states governments who should stand up for them. May God forbid the wrong person having victory here. May God forbid some young men saying, Yes We Won, we can abduct more girls now and impregnate them. PremiumTimes report right after the cut.

Annkio Briggs, renowned human rights and minority rights activist on Monday alleged lack of diligent prosecution of Yunusa Dahiru who is standing trial before the Federal High Court in Yenagoa.

Mr. Dahiru (alias Yunusa Yellow) was on March 8, 2016 charged with abduction, kidnapping, unlawful carnal knowledge and s*xual exploitation by the Police.

Mr. Dahiru had pleaded not guilty to the charges leveled against him supported by a fortified legal team of six solicitors.

Ms. Briggs, who spoke to Premium Times, shortly after Mr. Dahiru was granted bail in the sum of N3 million wondered why the defence team was more fortified.

She charged the police to live up to expectation and draft more lawyers to beef up the legal team to prosecute the case.

“I am not at all satisfied at the way this matter is going, this is a very sensitive case, if it was someone that went to Kano to abduct a 13-year old, the country would have been on fire by now.

“The Bayelsa and Delta state governors have not done anything to support the prosecution of this matter, abandoning the prosecution to the Police, who from what I saw in court , is not good enough.

“How come Yunusa, a Keke driver has a more formidable legal team comprising of good lawyers. I hear the defense team has up to 10 lawyersMs. Is he the one hiring the lawyers?,” Briggs asked.

Premium Times recalls that six lawyers, led by Kayode Olaosebikan, appeared for Mr. Dahiru at the last court hearing.

Mr. Olaosebikan, in the arguments over bail application, punctured the points adduced by the prosecution which opposed the bail application..

Speaking after the court session, lead counsel to the accused, Mr. Olaosebikan, said the ruling on his client’s bail application was justified as the offence for which he was being tried was bailable.

He however declined comments on speculations that he was being retained by powerful interest groups to defend Mr. Dahiru, who ordinarily would not be able to afford the services of six lawyers.

“I cannot comment on that because it is a confidential information between me and my client, but I can only say that this is not a pro bono case.
“I was briefed by Yunusa to defend him, that is all I can say,” the lawyer said.


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