Drama as Man Who Had Just Buried His Wife is Attacked by Villagers…You Won’t Believe Why

A man who had just gone through the painful process of saying goodbye to his late wife has received another shock of his life.
Vusi Lucingo. Photo by Lucky Morajane
The man identified as Vusi Lucingo has been seriously assaulted in his own home.
A Daily Sun SA report shows that the man was attacked last month just days after burying his late wife.
According to the report, when Vusi heard people entering his yard on that fateful day, he assumed they were there to pray for him as his wife had recently died.
But instead of prayers – sjamboks, sticks and bricks rained down on him!
The 39-year-old from Video Squatter Camp in Muldersdrift, Gauteng, South Africa, was moered by a group of residents who accused him of r*ping a little girl!
Vusi said the trouble started when a woman arrived at his home with her three-year-old daughter just after he got home from burying his wife in the Eastern Cape. He said the woman asked him who he lived with, and then left.
“Among the people who came into my yard was the woman and her child. They asked the girl if she knew me but she kept quiet. One of the men said they would give her money if she said she did and she nodded her head.

“Then they dragged me outside and blew a whistle they use to alert community members when they catch thugs. They took me to a place they call Esekeleni, where they beat me.”
Resident Nandiso Lucky said when she saw a group of residents attacking Vusi she phoned the police, who rescued him. However, the residents then went to his sH@ck and burned it to the ground.
Vusi said he was left in terrible pain with scars all over his body, no clothes to wear and nowhere to live.
Captain Patrick Mokhali said: “Cases of assault and arson were opened. The family of the three-year-old have not opened a case. The suspects were arrested and ­released on bail.”


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