China Scam!! See 5 Proofs That Fayose Never Addressed Anyone In China


Fayose China


1.There are no files or papers with him to suggest that he is delivering any speech.

I dont think he is not intelligent enough to address a business community without a written speech.

2.If Fayose assignment is come only one underage guy followed him…where are his commissioners or assembly members.

Ekiti China Scam

3.That hall is very big…can anyone address such number of people without a microphone?


4.Study the crowd… everyone was busy doing one thing or the other…it looks more like a waiting room or a conference hall sitting people on recces.

No one was concentrating…not even the Nigeria Kindergarten that followed him. A lot were even backing him.

China Scam

5.The posture of fayose is akin to someone standing behind the pulpit for pics…not to talk


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