Change Begins With This Lagos Bus Conductor (See What He Did)



The man in this picture is a commercial bus conductor, I know you are probably looking at his teeth right now Lol!!!

Although I may not know his name, I know what he did. Last Thursday I took a commercial bus going to Alausa, at the last bus stop, while on one hand trying to remove the seat-belt from the passenger seat of the commercial bus and at the same time not wanting to forget my change with the conductor, I dropped my phone on the seat.

Don’t blame me, that N50 is a game changer in this recession. I only realized when I was about entering my office.

I called the number with my palasa phone and luckily for me it was picked. The man instructed me to come back to where I took the bus from.

One hour later, the man in this picture who happened to be the conductor gave me my phone (picture attached) back.

It happened that I took his bus again and decided to take his pics.

In this present day economy, its surprising we have people like this.

This man is the true definition of #changebeginswithme.

He deserves to be celebrated!

And I want to thank God especially for putting it in his mind to return my phone.

Can You Do The Same?

Give Us Your Own Change Begins With Me Scenerio


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